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Why Exile?

We chose Exile for our name because it was a word we identified with most. We are cut from a different cloth, plain and simple. We are not from any long standing gun industry background, nor do we have any large companies backing us financially. We are 100% owner operated.

We are different because Exile rifles are built by using the standards of benchrest chambering, a proven process which yields the most accuracy the action and barrel can attain. Our custom rifles are a genuine representation of true craftsmanship and the skilled efforts of a certified gunsmith with a sweaty brow laboring to bring two pieces of metal to life.

When you buy an Exile rifle, you are going to see a Desperado with our Exile ‘E’ on his bandana. The Desperado is more than a logo. He is three things – our roots, our signature and our motivation. Just like cowboys are part of our Texas history, the Desperado is part of Exile. He blends our cowboy heritage and boldness together. That heritage takes us back in time when quality standards were extremely high, things were built by hand and people put their name on their work. We want to bring that quality and experience back to our customers. Our Desperado is our signature and our stamp of approval which signifies that we’ve checked every box in the building process to ensure the highest quality. And lastly, he reminds us to continue to press on into uncharted territory; to be bold. When you wear our gear or carry our rifles, you are proudly standing with us, against the grain, one of a kind!