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Like many Texans, I can say I’m the proud owner of guns and within those are several non-Exile custom built rifles. With that said, in the recent past I have been lucky enough to not only hunt with, but also shoot several different calibers of custom rifles produced by Exile. If you want something top notch or low key, they’ve got it covered. If you are new to the build game, they can and will simplify the process to make sure you are involved in every step and understand what’s taking place.

Without a doubt the guns speak for themselves and that alone has earned a spot in my arsenal. Brooks, Cory, and the rest of the team have turnaround times that others don’t.

Ft. Davis mountains, November 2019. 280AI sat this dude down in his tracks at 304 yards.


Two hunters posing with large game

The Exile firearms experience is second to none from customer service to the performance in the field. Cory is constantly thinking about how to make sure that your Exile rifle is the rifle of your dreams. I have never seen a rifle that looks so good, and can put a hole through the middle of a quarter @ 200 yards!


Exile Firearms has changed the shooting game for me. The accuracy of my rifles are unbelievable. The hospitality, attention to detail and customer service has made me a lifetime customer!


I’ve shot custom rifles my entire life and have yet to find one that is as smooth or accurate as an Exile Firearms product. The people and product are first class!


I’ve had great experiences with Exile Firearms. Cory is very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. All of that combined with great customer service and a fantastic product makes it easy to trust Exile with all your firearm needs. Exile’s custom rifles are some of the best I’ve ever shot and I am and will continue to be a repeat customer.


Cory and the Exile Team are amazing, I would recommend anyone wanting a custom rifle or riflesmithing work to use them. Their work speaks for itself, top notch. They take your idea and of what you want in a rifle and make it a reality. They guarantee 1/2” MOA with factory ammo and the rifle they built for me does even better than that. I will be using Exile for everything I need from here on out.


Exile Firearms is a great place for any gun owner from novice to expert that is in need of a custom rifle. Their dedication to provide you unmatched service stands out as they truly view each rifle as your blank canvas and will help you through the process of building the rifle of your dreams. The experience is one of a kind with a team that will make your experience special from start to end, and hand you the best shooting bolt action you will ever own.


The quality of firearms produced at Exile are second to none. From start to finish you can tell they pay close attention to every detail to make sure that each rifle lives up to the standard that they carry.

Whether you are a hunter or competition shooter, you need to make sure that your rifle will get the job done. When you purchase an Exile product you can rest assured you are getting the most accurate and dependable rifle possible. When the time comes to make that shot the last thing you want to think about is your rifles ability to get the job done. Exiles rifles are extremely accurate at long distances as well. So there is no reason to look elsewhere when thinking about your next custom rifle.


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